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  • If you have a hard time choosing between our many available soap essences, The Discovery Box is the perfect solution. Discover 8 of Borale’s classic soaps, in our 75 g format. Perfect as a gift or to treat yourself!

Product description

Contains: 8x 75 g soap bars

#01 Unscented
#06 Northern Citrus
#07 Borale
#15 Fresh Mint
#19 Lemon forest
#24 Balsam Fir
#29 Classic
#49 Black Spruce

*Packaged in an eco-friendly way and without plastic.

100% natural / vegan / cruelty-free / eco-friendly / biodegradable / hypoallergenic / Extra Pure soap 

Ingredients: saponified vegetable oils* (sodium vegetable oils), water, glycerin (resulting from the saponification of oils), natural aromas (essential oils and/or plant extracts), citric acid (lemon juice acid).

*Saponified by the traditional fully boiled process.