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  • Overview
  • The Perfect Gift is composed of a 155 g Extra Pure Soap bar and a 473 ml bottle of our liquid hand soap. It is the perfect way to say thank you in a pleasant yet useful way!

Product description

Christmas aromas #25 and #31 are only available for a limited time and while stock last.

Made entirely of natural ingredients, this duo includes:

  • — 1x 155g soap bar, for the care of your body, face and hair;
  • — 1x 473ml of liquid hand soap, to clean your hands while helping to maintain the natural moisture of your skin.

*Packaged in an eco-friendly way and without plastic.

Choose your favourite aroma from a selection of our most popular essences:

  • #06 Northern Citrus - Combining the sweetness of citrus and the freshness of the boreal forest, this unique Borale blend will charm you for sure.
  • #07 Borale - With its soft notes of conifers, intertwined with the freshness of the wintergreen (wild tea), this soap will soothe the most sensitive skin while leaving a pleasant feeling of cleanliness.
  • #19 Lemon Forest - Let yourself be enchanted by the fresh and revitalizing aroma of lemon, softened by subtle and warm conifer notes. A unique blend by Borale.
  • #24 Balsam Fir - A must-have, our famous soap Balsam Fir will surprise you with its softness. Its pleasant and slightly fruity aroma will transport you directly to the heart of the boreal forest.


100% natural / vegan / cruelty-free / eco-friendly / biodegradable / hypoallergenic / Extra Pure soap