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  • What are our imperfects? They are our soaps that are a little different physically, but that are just as exceptional in quality.

Product description

These are not soaps that we regularly offer, as they depend on our production. It's mostly our soaps that don't meet our regular standards - they are either a little big or a little too small, bumpy, sometimes slightly curved. The exceptional quality remains the same and they smell just as good, they are just different physically!

Our Imperfect bags are sold by weight, in 3 sizes* :

Small (+/- 390g, about 5 small bars)

Medium (+/- 500g, about 7 small bars)

Large (+/- 1kg, about 13 small bars)

* The soaps contained in the bags are random in sizes, shapes and aromas. It is not possible to choose the aromas.

100% natural / vegan / cruelty-free / eco-friendly / biodegradable / hypoallergenic / Extra Pure soap

Ingredients: saponified vegetable oils* (sodium vegetable oils), water, glycerin (resulting from the saponification of oils), natural aromas (essential oils and/or plant extracts), citric acid (lemon juice acid).

*Saponified by the traditional fully boiled process.

Other aromas available