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  • This all-vegetable oil soap helps keep your hands naturally hydrated. It rinses off easily and leaves no residue. A few drops are enough.

Product description

236mL (limited edition, only available for our Christmas aromas)

Our hand soap is 100% natural and made from plant ingredients only. It helps preserve the natural moisture of your hands, it rinses easily, and it leaves no residue. Only a few drops are needed, making it a must in your hand care routine.

A high quality soap that does not dry hands

Since our hand soap is made using the fully boiled process, this allows us to obtain a better quality soap. That being said, our soap gently cleanses without irritating the skin and respecting the skin's pH and its hydrolipidic film. The natural hydration of the skin will therefore be more respected. Also thanks to its quality, the amount of soap required is less, therefore we get a hand soap that will last longer than most other soaps. 

Essentials oils only

Our soap do not contain any perfumes or other harsh chemicals. We only use pure essential oils to give the nice aromas of our soaps.

100% natural / vegan / cruelty free / eco-friendly / biodegradable / hypoallergenic 



  • #25 Christmas Charms (LIMITED EDITION) - A must for the holidays, find the delicacy of balsam fir combined with the finesse of citrus and spices. This soap will definitely charm you with its light and soothing aromas, in addition to leaving your skin soft and silky.
  • #31 Winter Fir (LIMITED EDITION) - Refreshing, this delicate aroma combines coniferous and pepper mint and is reminiscent of mild winter days. Some even say that it smells like candy cane...


Ingredients: saponified vegetable oils* (sodium vegetable oils), sunflower oil, canola oil, water, glycerin (resulting from the saponification of oils), natural aromas (essential oils and/or plant extracts), citric acid (lemon juice acid), cellulose gum, potassium hydroxide and/or sodium, salt.

*Saponified by the traditional fully boiled process.