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  • Overview
  • Our beautiful glass jug is perfect for our laundry soap once diluted. Get it as a starter pack and get your first load! Just add 2L of boiling water into the jug, shake and voila.

Product description

Our concentrated laundry soap is the ideal option for taking care of your fabrics in a traditional, ecological and above all, efficient manner! Our laundry soap gently cleanses without damaging the fibres or colors. It is ideal for delicate fabrics and baby clothes. It leaves a pleasant texture and a light lemon scent! It can be used with any type of washer.

  1. The starter set for laundry consists of:
  2. - Our 2L glass jug
  3. - A distributor pump
  4. - The right amount of concentrated soap for your first dilution.


To dilute :

Just add 2L of very hot water to the bottle, stir and voila! It is best to boil water beforehand to facilitate dilution. Once cooled, the soap will have a “jelly” consistency. Use 1/2 to 1 cup of jelly per load. The amount required will vary depending on the size of your tank and the load.

* Warning: use caution when handling hot water. The glass jug can become very hot and will be heavier once water is added. It is best to dilute on a stable surface and avoid moving the jug until cool, if possible. You can use the small handle, which does not heat up, if necessary.



- Do not use fabric softener (not needed with this soap);

- Wash with lukewarm or hot water;

- Do not exceed the recommended amount;

- If you notice a saturation of the fibers (ex: water is pearling on the washcloths, the dish towels no longer wipe or your clothes keep an unpleasant odor), the quantity of soap used is too high;

- The result may vary depending on the hardness of your water (mineral content). To balance everything, you can use Borax.



- HE front loading machine: Use the prepared solution by diluting in advance.

- HE top loading machine: Use with or without preparation.

- Top loading machine (without HE): Use the prepared solution and double the amount of soap.


100% natural / eco-friendly / biodegradable / hypoallergenic