Our values


For a long time the traditional fully boiled process has been somewhat lost, sidelined by an industry that is too performance-oriented. However, it still remains the only way to make a true Extra Pure and natural soap without any compromise of quality. This technique is what helps differentiate our products from the rest.

Passion and know-how

Traditional know-how is not easily learnt: it is acquired with time, passion and patience. At Borale, we are committed to giving back the acclaim of a product trivialized and distorted by industrialization.


Borale is a place of creation and discovery. We are constantly searching for modern innovations. We are committed to doing things differently, while remaining solidly supported by the traditions and expertise that have been proven over the past centuries.

Purity and simplicity

At Borale, there is neither synthetic nor superfluous ingredients. Purity and simplicity are the norm and guide our choice of raw material selection. We rely on noble raw materials, very close to their natural state: pure, without alterations.

Respect, coherence and enhancement

Our company’s ecosystem is strong because we act in respect of nature, the environment and the resources it provides. Our actions and operations aim to foster a strong economy based on sustainable development and are reflected in strong social commitments and healthy practices for people and the environment.

Information, honesty and transparency

We are committed to helping people of all ages find themselves in this vast universe of misinformation and overconsumption in which we live. Borale is committed to delivering clear and transparent information to educate and empower its consumers.