• Overview
  • With its imperfect appearance, our Country Soap offers irreproachable quality. Once used by our grandmothers to remove the most stubborn stains, it is a gentle and effective cleanser that doesn't damage fabrics.

Product description

Borale's Country Soap is excellent for laundry. It effectively degreases and removes stains from fabrics without damaging the fibers or colors. It is ideal for delicate fabrics and baby clothes. It leaves a pleasant texture and can be used with all types of washing machines. It contains no fragrance. A single bar can take care of your favorite clothes for several months. An essential to keep on hand!

Note: The bars are sold by average weight as they are all unique and different in shape and size. The quality, however, remains the same from one bar to another.



For localized stains: wet the stain or the area to be cleaned and rub the bar directly onto it. Let it sit for a few hours or rub the fabric on itself.

Rinse or put it in the washing machine. If the stain is not gone, repeat the process and let it sit longer.