What Makes Borale Special

What Makes Borale Special

What sets Borale apart is first and foremost its manufacturing method. By using the traditional fully boiled process in a classic open kettle, which is rarely used nowadays due to its complexity, we obtain a soap of superior quality. This type of soap, defined as Extra Pure, lasts longer than soaps made following the other popular methods. Over the years, our master soap maker has developed his own style by combining traditional methods with modern innovations, to produce exceptional soaps.

Quality Ingredients

To offer high-grade products, we first select the finest raw materials and ingredients of the highest quality. Borale Extra Pure soaps contain only the necessary ingredients: saponified vegetable oils (sodium vegetable oils), water, glycerin (resulting from the saponification of oils), salt and lemon juice (natural preservative). The only addition? Pure essential oils that transport you directly to the heart of the boreal forest.

By using only healthy, natural and exceptional ingredients, Borale guarantees product quality and peace of mind for the whole family. Since Borale does not add any synthetic additives or perfumes to its preparation, it is essential oils, extracted by steam distillation, that give the soaps their unique essences. 

An Eco-Friendly Company

For Borale, it is essential to take care of the surrounding natural resources, to work in an environmentally friendly way and to favour natural, recyclable or reusable materials. We use eco-responsible alternatives and our products are biodegradable and safe for the environment. To do this, we work with raw materials from Canadian agriculture, use the best vegetable oils and offer simple and recyclable packaging. Our soap bars are simply wrapped in paper and cardboard and our durable bottles are designed to be refilled multiple times.

Not only is protecting the surrounding nature deeply rooted in our values, we even go further by talking about sustainable, and much more inclusive, development. It is our duty to take great care of nature and our environment and to raise awareness among our partners and collaborators. We advocate for smart, moderate and responsible consumption, based on informed choices, which contributes to a better understanding of today’s issues. This approach, favoured by Borale, plays a major role in the team’s day-to-day thinking and decision-making.

A Soap That Last Longer

If Borale soap lasts longer, it is mainly because of its purity. Since the paste is rinsed of its impurities, the concentration of “real soap” is higher and therefore, the soap melts less quickly. On the contrary, a soap altered with fillers will generally have a shorter shelf life, in addition to changing its cleaning qualities. It should also be noted that the moisture content of the soap is carefully adjusted, which has a great impact on its durability, without compromising its smoothness and ability to foam.